26th-28th May, 2nd, 3rd June 2018

It’s a double bumper report this time. There was no report last week as half the team, including the Editor, were on a week’s ‘fact finding’ trip to Scotland; visiting several railways ‘OOP NORTH’. A hot, sunny week was had by this team, but normal service resumed this morning.
Meanwhile, last weekend the Station hosted an Animal Farm in the Paddock. A wide variety of animals were present including sheep, alpacas, etc. Both Weighbridge Teas and the Tea Hut were open to support the event and, by all accounts, were kept very busy. There were a goodly number of visitors who came to experience ‘something different’. Elsewhere, the north end of the Palvan received its second coat of top coat and the ½ mile post was wire wheeled down, then given 2 coats of primer and 2 white undercoats. A further 4 wagons have now had their numbers hand painted onto the visible side. The grass was cut, again, and was even trimmed over the weekend evenings to keep it neat for the event!
This weekend was not as hectic; the mile post received 2 coats of white gloss, the wagon ventilator hood was ‘cut and shut’ to fit the end of the Palvan and has been bolted into place; a new interior ply sheet has been cut to fit and screwed into place; and finally the NER van body has been jacked sideways to get it exactly square over the track, allowing the first 2 ‘W’ irons to be offered up, the underframe marked and drilled and then the irons bolted into place.
Weighbridge Teas had a ‘steady’ weekend compared to the previous one.

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