27th, 28th July 2018

What’s this strange stuff coming out of the sky?! A cracking thunderstorm on Friday evening, and torrential rain for most of today, has certainly damped things down a bit.

We have had a busy week this time. On Monday we were joined by the younger Junior Volunteers (who were taking part in the JV work week) for a very hot and sunny day. They painted several steel brackets, destined for the Goathland box van, and some new marquee poles for us, and did a lot of hand weeding between the platforms and along the yard siding.

On Friday it was the turn of the Senior JVs to visit. They made the door framing for the box van and applied preservative to the new planking, which will shortly be fixed to this framing. The weather was even hotter on the Friday, and certainly sapped the strength of the team.

It was time to visit the 14 mile post retaining wall site again on Saturday, making the most of the river level being very, very low. This allowed us to prepare the base of the 2 wall sections we will be rebuilding over the August Bank Holiday weekend. This will be a 2 or 3 overnight possession job, as the digger is too close to the line to allow the work to proceed whilst trains are running. The stones at water level have been cleaned of clay, and a concrete cap has been mixed and laid to give us a secure, level start to the job.
Back at the Station, the interior of the Warehouse cladding has been fixed to the ceiling and one side. Outside, the first top coat has been applied to the walls and doors. The metal brackets for the Goathland van have received a coat of black gloss.
A section of underframe on the NER van in the yard, which had cracked through, has been cut out and new hardwood cut to fit, and then glued and bolted into place. The Down (Grosmont) bound platform has been given a good sweep down and the corners and edges de-weeded where required.
Weighbridge Teas had a good day on Saturday, but today was quieter (no surprise). Ice creams on Saturday and teas on Sunday!

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