30th June and 1st July 2018

The sun continues to shine on Levisham (and everywhere else in the country!).
We are very pleased to announce the arrival of a ‘new’ North Eastern wheeled box van. After probably a century as a grounded van body, this afternoon it moved on its donor wheels for the first time. This was a very satisfying moment for the Group, after many hours of hard work repairing the underframe, sourcing wheels, refurbishing springs and ‘W’ irons out of our stores, replacing the east side panelling, re-felting the roof, and giving it a full repaint.
Elsewhere on the Station, the new roof sheeting for the grounded van body has been offered into place and is now ready for fixing in place when it gets to Goathland. Works to prepare the Tea Hut for its transformation into a shiny, silver, American Diner continues. The south end of the Palvan has now received 2 coats of satin top coat, returning it to a smart condition. The dock side of the exhibition van has had a good sand and scrape down, the rusty metalwork has been cleaned off, and a coat of primer and undercoat has been applied. Hopefully if this good weather continues we should get a second undercoat on, and the top coats applied next weekend.
The gardens look superb at present with all the roses in full bloom, as well as the flower beds. The task of keeping the roses in check goes on unabated. Hand watering is the order of the day at present, particularly on the sweet peas and runner beans.
Weighbridge Teas have been kept very busy selling cold drinks and refreshments; there has been quite a run on ice creams (no surprises there then). Sandwiches and cakes are still popular too, though.

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