4th, 6th-8th July

It’s a bumper report this time, thanks to 4 days of work this week. On Wednesday we were joined by some Network Rail staff from Northern House in York. They helped erect the Beer Tent in the Paddock, undercoated the west side of the Exhibition Van, cut the grass in the Paddock and tidied up the gardens. On Friday a different group of Network Rail staff joined us, this time from George Stephenson House in York. They helped us put up the main marquee in the Paddock, dismantle and ‘flat pack’ the NER van body in the Station Yard so it’s ready for transport to Goathland, top coat the Exhibition Van, scrape and sand down the South end of the Shock Van, sand the west end of the VEA, empty the Warehouse contents into the CCT and move some sleepers from the siding to the headshunt.
The tent and marquee have been erected ready for next weekend’s 60’s Fest, when Elvis will be returning to perform in the Paddock. The Tea Hut is ready for its transformation into an American Diner.
On the new NER van, the new underframe disc and plate straps have been bolted into place. These help hold the ‘W’ irons securely in place. The Exhibition Van has received a second top coat, whilst the south end of the shock van has been primed, undercoated and then top coated.
The Warehouse has been cleaned down internally to remove any old nails and hooks. The roof has had recycled insulation slabs fitted, prior to fitting a boarded ceiling.
Weighbridge Teas were again kept busy selling their wares, with ice cream being particularly popular. They were also on site on Friday to support us, whilst they prepared the outlets ready for next weekend.
Don’t forget that both outlets will be open, and there will be a bar in the Paddock to support Elvis and his fans.

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