11th, 12th August 2018

Work continues on the refit of the warehouse, with more first layer internal boards fitted. Some second layer boards have also been cut from plywood and stained, ready for fitting next weekend. Repairs are underway on both sides of the door frame to straighten and strengthen them.
Various other items have been painted for use in future projects.
We had a ceremony on Saturday morning to officially unveil the plaque for the National Railway Heritage Award for the signalling system operating between Pickering and Goathland. This uses machines designed over 100 years ago, but communicates between these machines via the internet.
Weighbridge Teas had a good day on a fine, warm Saturday: but Sunday started with rain which seemed to reduce our visitor numbers.
Planning and preparation continues for the ‘All New’ Levisham Wartime Weekend scenario. This year will be completely different to anything seen before, so will be worth a visit.

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