4th, 5th August 2018

The sun has returned following a few thunderstorms during the week.
We have continued working in the river, at the 14 mile post, recovering more stone blocks which had been washed out of the retaining wall further upstream.
At the Station the NER van frame repair seems to have worked, so the W iron has been bolted back into place. At long last the floor can now be reinstated, although several planks had to be drilled to sit over the new nut and bolt heads which are holding the repaired frames together.
The Warehouse has received its second exterior coat of paint and the black border line has been reinstated. Inside, a further wall has been clad and the planking has been painted.
The General Room lower planks have also been given an overall repaint, following their partial touch up a couple of weeks earlier. A sack barrow has also had the paint treatment, as have some further planks for the Goathland van body. All the grass has required cutting, thanks to the rain last week and this. It’s been great not having to cut it whilst it was so dry!
Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, even though their main ‘crew’ were away on holiday.

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