15th, 16th September 2018

Work on Bella and the Palvan alongside has continued, getting them ready for their new roles. Progress continues in the CCT, with the installation of Kingspan insulation. In the Warehouse, further notice and information boards have been hung. Several other ‘new’ boards are being cleaned down and painted ready for use.
We have been supported by the JVs again, who have helped level the ground north of the crossing, bringing in a couple of dumper loads of spoil/soil. The new van body for Goathland has been moved from our Yard, over to the lineside, ready for loading onto a train on Gala weekend. In the Yard itself, a French drain has been created at the top end to help with surface water drainage. The next section of lineside fence has been completed with lots of rails fitted. The station area edges were strimmed.
The roses are nearly all tied back following another mammoth session this weekend, as well as cutting the old growth off, getting them ready for the winter.
Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend as well and were kept busy, with all the JVs needing sustenance alongside all the Station visitors.

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