1st, 2nd September

It’s been a strange weekend, as the Wombles took on another major retaining wall rebuild.  Why was it strange? The only time we could do the work was after the days train service, which meant we were working well into the night.  Over 3 nights (Friday to Sunday) we successfully rebuilt a 100’ section of stone retaining wall, just short of the 14 mile post (or 1½ miles north of Levisham Station).  This was again a joint effort between ourselves and the PW Dept; whose digger and excellent driver, Peter, were invaluable.  The first shift started with the lifting out and moving back to site of large stone sleeper blocks, washed downstream during flooding several years ago.  Once the final train had cleared the section between Goathland and Levisham we were granted possession of the line, which allowed us to use the digger alongside the line.  As darkness arrived the posession also allowed us to set up additional site lighting, clear of the working area.  Work steadily progressed on rebuilding the wall, including adjusting the adjoining sections so they would ‘marry up’ correctly.  It took 2 nights to complete the section and restore the lineside access.  Work could then commence on removing the next section of excess soil and ash, and revealing the top of the retaining wall.  We were joined in all this activity by Channel 5, who are making a further series on the NYMR.  They were very interested in our work, particularly as it is unglamorous but vital for the safe running of trains.  The fact that this could only be done at night made it even more interesting.  Hopefully it will make the ‘final cut’.  I must thank the volunteers who helped out on this job, as working well into the early hours of the morning is not the norm and their willingness and support were very welcome.  ‘Normal’ service will resume next weekend.

Meanwhile, back at the Station, work continues on dismantling the exhibition in the box van and transferring it into the Warehouse.  New ‘fake’ rafter timber has also been painted ready to be installed in the Warehouse.  More NER carts have been transferred from the CCT to the new NER van.

Weighbridge Teas had a steady weekend, although they did decline their support to us during the night shifts!?!

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