22nd, 23rd September 2018

The final doorway insulation jobs have been completed on the CCT, and other internal sections coated in paint. The transfer of stores from the workshop has continued. A large quantity of pre-loved steel racking, together with several storage racking sheets, have been cleaned down and painted prior to being fitted inside the CCT.
In readiness for next weekend’s “Womble Inn” pub in the General Room, the bar accoutrements have been moved in. The beer is due this week. The pub will be open from 11am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In the Warehouse, the fitting of the display boards continues.
Work on the gardens continues, with the last of the roses tied back and the old growth removed and taken to the fire pile for disposal. The rest of the beds have been tidied up.
In the kitchen shed work continues to get it ready for the Wartime event. We were helped in this by the S&T, who also got to use their testing meters on the ‘new’ cash till!
We celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of two of our staff on Saturday evening with a nice hot dinner for 35 cooked by Madame Cholet, with cake and prosecco afterwards.
Weighbridge Teas had a ‘steady’ weekend, but it did allow them to prepare the Tea Hut ready for next weekend’s Gala opening. They will also be open over all 3 days of the event.

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