8th, 9th September 2018

‘Normal’ service has now resumed at Levisham. The old exhibition van (known as Bella) has been completely stripped of its contents, ready to take on its new role as a softwood store and workshop. One of the workbenches which has been stored on the dock this summer has been installed together with most of the equipment and small timber.
The new NER van is now full; it’s amazing how many NER trolleys and hand carts you can fit inside if you carefully stack them up. All these trolleys came out of the CCT, which is becoming the new workshop store. With so much space inside, the opportunity has been taken to finish the gloss painting of the ceiling and sides which couldn’t be done whilst it was full!
The tying back of the roses is continuing, getting them ready for the winter and hopefully another cracking display next year.
The walls in the Warehouse have been varnished to seal them, ready for its new use as the Exhibition. The first of the large notice boards has been fixed in place and the others aligned ready for their final positioning.
Weighbridge Teas have had a quieter weekend now that the children are back at school. Is this the calm before the autumn ‘storms’ of the Steam Gala and Wartime Weekend?! Talking of Wartime, further noticeboards have been made and painted ready for the Ministry of Food signs to be pasted on. Planning continues with the British Restaurant menu – some of it was trialled tonight. The large dishwashers have been overhauled ready for the event as well.
A lot of fruit has been picked and turned into jams and jellies this weekend with more to be picked off the trees next weekend. This will help keep us going during the winter and spring. The jars of course are recycled, in best Wombling tradition!

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