10th, 11th November 2018

The weekend has gone up in smoke and flames, with the annual bonfire and fireworks display at the Station. A goodly amount of old timber collected over the last few months, together with a neighbour having a clear out, provided the fuel. A pleasant evening was had by all, sat around the fire (but not too close as it was too hot!).
On Friday and Saturday, we were graced by a selection of Velocipedes (human powered rail vehicles). They made a colourful sight at the Station, before they rode off into the distance. Weighbridge Teas were especially open for them (as well as serving passing visitors).
The East side of the green Palvan has benefitted from an undercoat on the underframe, but the weather prevented a top coat being applied on the Sunday. Both this, and the North Eastern van next to it, have been hand shunted around the yard in readiness for the extraction of 1111 in a weeks-time. In the softwood stores van further shelves have been fitted.
Another mile post has been delivered to us – Number 9. This has been cleaned down and given a couple of coats of primer. The other 2 posts in our care have received 2 coats of white gloss as part of their refurbishment.
The ziggurat has been cleared of old plants and the track items placed to one side. The coal hole has had a good clear out and a re-stack.

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