17th, 18th November 2018

We’ve had a glorious weekend with the weather, but it’s certainly getting chilly in the evenings now.

1111 is all ready for its move and the vans in its way have been prepared for their part in the ‘big shunt’ this week.

The underframe of the green palvan has received a coat of black gloss. There is just a bit of touching up to do to complete this stage of the vans restoration.  The 3 mileposts have received further coats of paint, and are getting closer to going back out on site.

North of the Station, where we cut the trees down last winter, we have returned to cut the stumps lower (now the river level has dropped) and drill in lots and lots of stump killer plugs. These will hopefully prevent regrowth and reduce the risk of the retaining wall collapsing.

The stumps and brush cut down have been brought back to the Station and burnt on the fire (yes – it was still live after last being touched last week!).

Now the new compost bins have been completed the compost heap has been relocated to the other end of the garden in the Station Yard, where it will continue to provide compost for the Station gardens by “Wombling” all our plant waste!


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