24th, 25th November 2018

Following the shunting on Tuesday, the positioning of the wagons is now slightly different. Consequently, all the stored wood was no longer under cover.  We have therefore taken it all out, and sorted it into size, and then restacked it back under the wagons.  It was a good time to get rid of some poor bits; which have been cut into small pieces ready for the signal box fire.

The vans have been checked following their movement to make sure the stores hadn’t shifted. Fortunately most were OK, and it didn’t take long to tidy up those that were not.  The shock van is now on the dock which has allowed the doors to be adjusted to fit correctly.  The off-side doors have also been treated and are now also a better fit.  Some more tweaking and a coat of paint or two will be required before they are finished.

In the Warehouse, the fake ceiling battens have been cut and fitted on the south slope – a simple sentence hiding a lot of fiddling about.

The tidying up of the gardens continues, as does the completion of the new compost heap containers.

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