8th, 9th December 2018

It’s been a much better weekend of weather with plenty of sun, albeit a cold breeze, today. The green Palvan doors have been chalked and then further adjusted, planed and chiselled so that they are nearly perfect now. The green has been touched up on the body where further mastic had been applied (over a month ago!) to ensure the weather stayed out. In the CCT, further shelving has been installed and screws and tools loaded onto them. The Warehouse interior works continues, with Perspex fitted over the top ventilators and boxed in. The stable doors at the front have had the hinges bushed, returning the doors back to square. The lower door has also had the bottom edge adjusted and lowered to suit the new floor level (whilst also keeping the draughts out). After nearly a year of use the frame tent on the dock has been dismantled – it is no longer needed as the materials stored under it have now gone into their new homes. The frame has gone back into store, although the sheeting has been disposed of as it had gone brittle and torn. We have a new one in store ready for the next time it is needed. We now have 2 Christmas trees decorated at the Station – Albert, the live tree opposite the signal box, has been decorated complete with orange star on the top. We have collected and brought back to the Station quite a few logs, cut down earlier in the year. These will now be chopped up to keep the signal box fire going (and saving us having to burn coal).

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