12th, 13th January 2019

We have continued our lineside clearance programme, completing the cutting back from last weekend (just short of the 14MP). All the stumps have been ‘plugged’ with stump killer to hopefully stop them regrowing. We had to unlock a large amount of timber at one of the Environment Agencies ‘slowing the flow’ blocks. This block is going to have to be removed as all it is doing is forcing the water to undercut our retaining wall; we do not want to have to rebuild another section! With this section completed we moved back to Platelayers Cottages. The river retaining walls here are also obstructed with timber and roots, so we have had to be standing in the river (in wellies!) to get at the ‘root of the problem’. As before, we have also been plugging these stumps as we go along. Meanwhile, back at the Station, another ¾ mile post has been brought in for ‘the treatment’. It has been wire wheeled back to bare metal and the first coats of metal primer applied. Our painter has been kept busy this weekend, as there are quite a lot of small pieces awaiting the full treatment. A large steel cabinet has also been painted – this will be our ‘new’ PPE cabinet. Work in the new Exhibition continues, with some new pictures installed and some of the archive pieces bolted to the walls. North of the level crossing we have continued extending the trackside fence of our viewing area, including space for another gate. This will give us easy access to the trackside when we are loading up the Pway trolley with tools or materials. The Forestry Commission have returned to cut more trees down, this time to the West of the line. They have cleared all the pine trees up to the outer home signal. There is now a clear view of the rolling stock stored in the north end siding.

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