5th, 6th January 2019

A start has been made extending the fenced compound to include the new shed site north of the level crossing. Several fence posts have been installed and some of the rails nailed into place. Care had to be taken to keep clear of the S&T duct run, which follows the line of the fence. We have started this year’s lineside clearance with works near the 14¼ mile post. ‘Light’ clearance here has opened up a good view of the adjacent fields and hillside. Following this we moved south of the 14 mile post to continue the clearance started there last year. Again good views of the river have been revealed. As usual, there are quite a few logs to recover and the brash will be burnt once it has dried out a bit. The important thing is to get these trees out whilst no trains are about as when they fall they go over the tracks. We are again working within the PWays possession and were graced with one of their Engineering trains, which passed us this afternoon on its way to site for re-loading with more materials for disposal.

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