16th, 17th February 2019

Well, there is only 1 week to go until our winter work week commences.  We have lots of things to do, including building the frame for the new shed, lineside fencing repairs and renewal, lots and lots of brash burning, timber cutting and recovery, renewal of the lino in the Ladies, general painting, etc.  All help is gratefully received.

This weekend work has concentrated on clearing a lot of scrub and rotten trees off the lineside at the site of the old incline.  The incline can now be clearly seen but there is a lot to burn there.

Back at the Station, the blockwork base of the new shed has been laid.  The timber framing has been brought from store and given a coat of wood preservative for good measure.  Further metalwork has been painted ready for the new shed.  In the Warehouse work continues on the interior smartening up.

We have welcomed the Weybridge team back from their winter hibernation (and exotic holidays!?!).  They had a reasonable number of visitors to keep them busy.  The weather was even warm enough for ice creams!  They will be open again next weekend.

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