2nd, 3rd February 2019

It’s all white again, just 2” if that, but enough to make it pretty.  This morning it was bitterly cold, minus 6°C at 9am with everything frozen solid.

The new shed base reinforcement has been installed, and the roof timbers moved alongside the base.  These will be used to provide a roof over the fresh concrete next weekend to protect it.  The concrete blocks, for the first layer of the shed, were delivered this week, along with the timber and reinforcement.  Again these have been moved to site (once they had been separated – they were frozen into a large block!).  Another set of blocks have been moved south to the manhole site near the loop points.  Hopefully when it warms up a bit these can be installed and a thick timber lid made for it.

North of the Station further scrub and small trees have been removed, clearing our fence line ready for its renewal shortly.

Inside the CCT the new PPE cupboard has been installed and fitted out, replacing the old collapsed timber one.  We have been given several old gate hinges for our stores, so these have been cleaned down and now await our painter to give them the usual treatment.

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