16th, 17th March 2019

With a steady downpour on Saturday, it was the ideal time to concentrate on fitting the lino in the Ladies Room. With the lino down, the skirting boards could be refitted and mastic sealed to the lino. This should stop water seeping between the 2 and rotting the boards. The skirting boards have since been touched up with paint to keep them looking smart. Both the internal and the exterior doors have had to be removed and have their bottoms trimmed, to suit the thicker lino and underlay. New ‘Vacant/Engaged’ door locks have been fitted to the 2 internal doors. All that now remains is to complete the repainting of the walls and we are ready to go! The Booking Office door latch has been renewed as the old one was worn out. Sunday dawned dry and frosty, so work recommenced outside. At the site of the ziggurat, the last of the rocks and spoil has been dug off and relocated to the site of the new S&T equipment room down the line. The good soil has been spread and levelled on the yard entrance grass, filling quite a few ‘pot holes’ in the ground caused by settlement and the activities of moles. The ziggurat site has been left safe and level, and will hopefully be covered in tarmac later this year. In the meantime it is neat and tidy. Meanwhile up the line, 2 more fires have disposed of more brash. Some small brash which was in the river has been cleared out. The clearance of the logs has allowed the river side to be tidied up, leaving a neat site. Our PAT testers have been on site this weekend, and have completed the checking of the Signal Box and Weighbridge portable equipment, ready for the new season. Due to the amount of equipment at the Station, different areas are phased throughout the year to keep it all in date.

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