23rd, 24th March 2019

It’s been a much better weekend weather wise, with sunshine and a stiff breeze. At the Station, the Ladies Room walls have had another 2 coats of paint on the walls and the woodwork paint touched up where required. The pictures have been rehung and the accoutrements reinstalled to get it ready for next weekend. The winter paint shop, AKA the General Room, has been returned to its normal duty, following a clear out, vacuum, and mop. The overhauled mileposts have been handed over to the PW Ballast Regulator team for delivery to site. Just north of the level crossing the lineside fence installation has been completed, and a new, to us, access gate has been hung. All that now remains to be done is the end gates and shed; the latter is still awaiting the delivery of the timber wall boarding. The vegetable patch has had onion setts and potatoes dug in. On the platforms a start has been made on weeding the garden beds, following the winter slumber. Up the line, the riverside scrub burning has been completed opposite the incline at the 14 ¾ milepost area. There are still a lot of short logs to recover but the site does look a lot better. Between bridges 16 and 17 (200 yards north of the 14MP) the logs have been cleared and the scrub burnt. The opportunity was taken to burn the old bracken and gorse there at the same time. Weighbridge Teas re-open next weekend for the visit of Union of South Africa. Their usual selection of pies, cakes, hot and cold drinks, plus ice-cream, will be available to sample.

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