23rd – 28th April 2019

The weather finally broke in the middle of the week and since then we have had typical April showers.  The Wombles have been in attendance all week, making the most of the Easter break.

The fine weather did allow us to complete both bolting up the Palvan, and the paint job on it during the week.  The shock van also received several coats of paint, but is now awaiting delivery of another tin of top coat to finish the job.  The recalcitrant door hinge on the van has had the seized hinge pin squeezed out and new brass bushes made.  This has allowed the door to be rehung this weekend.

Talking of doors, the Ladies Room entrance door has been taken down, given a thorough sand and repaint, and then rehung.  The lower internal walls of the Ladies and the General Rooms have been given their second coat of brown paint.

North of the Station, we have recommenced the lineside fencing renewal project.  We managed to install 15 posts and the top and middle rails have been fixed in place.  We hope the Junior Volunteers will help finish the job.  In the same location, broom and gorse are encroaching onto the track; whilst our senior team were doing the fence, the younger team tackled the prickly problem.

We’ve also had an open forum meeting at the Station, which was well attended.

The Pickering Wagon Group have been here this weekend, checking over the freight train in readiness for its run out next weekend.  They have also commenced the cleaning down and priming of the BR steel open wagon.  Some weld repairs will be needed where the rot has got through but overall, it’s not in too bad condition.

Weighbridge Teas are now getting into regular weekend opening and are looking forward to next weekend’s 3 day Bank Holiday.

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