11th, 12th May 2019

It has been a mixed work list this weekend.  The grass has been cut and the edges strimmed where we can (daffodils are still growing).  We have taken delivery of the cladding for the new shed, and this has been given a coat of traditional wood preserver.  Hopefully we will get these fitted next weekend.  A further 8 fence posts have been installed near the 13 mile post, and all 8 were a pig to do.  Large tree roots, rocks, and an old Whitby & Pickering stone sleeper block (!) had to be cleared before the posts could be installed.  A further 31 posts have been collected from the wood yard and are now drying and being treated, before they too are installed in their new positions.  125 fence rails have been delivered and these are now out on site ready for fitting, along with 25kg of 4” galvanised nails (that’s 1,926 nails!).

Back at the Station, the notice board on the end of the Weighbridge has been taken down for a scrape and repaint.  A dripping tap in the Gents has had a new washer fitted, whilst the entrance door has been given a coat of top coat.  The ride on mower has had a tyre inner tube repaired (twice!) and the fuel system has been given a clean out and a new fuel filter fitted.  It is now in working order and raring to go.

We have been assisting the Wagon Group again, with undercoat and top coat applied to the body of the mineral wagon.  They have supplied new metal channel and plate, to allow our welder to cut and fit replacement sections into place.  They have been doing the unpleasant job of wire wheeling the wheelsets and axles under the wagon.  They also gave these a coat of primer.

A ticket stock check has been undertaken in the Booking Office, to see how much stock we need for the season. This is not an exciting job, but very necessary!

Weighbridge Teas have had plenty of visitors again with a wide variety of good flying off their shelves.  Inside the tea hut a start has been made on a tidy up and repaint.

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