18th, 19th May 2019

It’s been nice and warm this weekend, with just a few spots of rain.

After many weeks of waiting, the new shed now has its cladding fitted.  A couple of days of cutting and fitting around the roof joists provided us with nice tight joints.  Although the doors are not hung yet, they have been given the preservative ‘treatment’.

We had a good burn up on Saturday evening, getting rid of all the old rotten timber fencing we brought back last weekend.

Another batch of fence posts have come out of the preservative and been moved up to site.  Another 9 posts are now sitting in the drum for the same purpose.  Another trolley load of scrap fencing components was brought back as a return load.  Hopefully we will dispose of this next weekend.

The Lamp Room door and frame have been sanded down and repainted, where the paint was peeling.  The Tea Hut has been given a gentle sand down and repaint, smartening it up for the season.  The repainted notice board has been rehung on the Weighbridge and looks much smarter.

Weighbridge Teas had a steady weekend, although there was a rush for their Paninis during Sunday lunchtime!

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