25th-27th May 2019

At long last, we have completed the latest phase of our fence renewal project.  In total it’s taken 80 new posts, 5 recycled posts, 200 new rails, 20 old rails, and 1200 nails, with a total cost of around £2,000.  We were helped on Saturday by the Junior Volunteers who fitted many of the rails for us, whilst we continued the slow process of installing fence posts.  Most of the scrap materials have been brought back to the Station; but there will need to be a final clear up to ensure we leave the site safe, clean and tidy.

Back at the Station, one side of the Wagon Group’s shock van has had the paint burnt off and primer and undercoat applied.  Over the last few weeks there has been a steady process of sweeping platforms, yard entrance, roadside edges, etc., of loose gravel and weeds, plus clearing the platform rainwater grid channels.  This helps keep the overall station looking smart and welcoming.  Another part of looking smart are the gardens.  These always need care and attention; removing the weeds that always seem to thrive, dead heading, and many other tasks.  The grass has all been cut again and, now the daffodils have died back, the grass area at the yard entrance has been cut and the picnic benches reinstated there.  Both ride on mowers have been given some care and maintenance to ensure their continued availability.

Work on the new shed has continued, with all four doors now hung.  The planking above them has been fitted and a start made on insulating the interior.

Weighbridge Teas were open all 3 days and a steady flow of visitors kept them on their toes.

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