4th-6th May 2019

All the High Fire Risk signs are out, so of course it’s been a wet weekend!

The main project has been the lineside fence renewal.  We installed 43 posts over the 3 days and have now run out of posts (more are on order!).  Installation should be straight forward, but buried old fence rails and post stumps, tree roots (some quite large), brambles, and standing water have made this a challenging job at times.  At present we have just fitted 2 rails, top and middle, with netlon fencing to keep it sheep proof.  The other rails will be installed by the JVs and Families who are joining us in a fortnight.

Back at the Station, one side and end of the 16T mineral wagon have been wire wheeled clean.  The side was primed but the damp weather today put a stop on applying paint to the end.  The other side and end have been given their first coat of off white undercoat.  The roadside approaches have been cleared back, where the grass was growing onto the road.

The Tea Hut display table has been replaced, as the original one was going rotten.  A new hanging solution has been created to support the table.  A new picnic bench has been delivered to Grosmont.

Weighbridge Teas did fairly well considering the weather, with hot drinks being the norm.  Ice creams were still selling to the hardy visitors though.

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