21st-23rd June 2019

We were joined on Friday by a group from Network Rail in York, who came to help us for the day. The group was split into 2, and the first group went north to complete the far fence nailing job before moving closer to the Station to dismantle the next section of poor fencing. After lunch it was time to get the trolley out to bring the materials back. We could then build the new fence, adding another 9 posts worth of fence to that completed last week. The second group were tasked with painting. First up was our shock van alongside the dock. This needed its top coat finishing on the south end and east side. After this it was onto the Wagon Group’s shock van. A coat of undercoat was applied to the West side and then onto Freight Brown 1960’s bauxite top coat on the East side. In the afternoon the hot sun had dried the West side, enabling a first gloss to be applied as well. They all had a great time and we look forward to welcoming them again in the future. The dry day also meant we could get the mowers out and at last we have the grass down to a neat level all over the Station. All we now have to do is keep it in this state. The garden maintenance continues, and the planters just north of the level crossing have been weeded and planted with painted sage, grown from seed by one of our volunteers at home. The de-weeding of the Yard has also continued.  The insulation of the new shed continues, whilst the front roof edge has been made from recycled materials. It cleverly houses 2 lights, so we can access the sheds during darkness in the winter if necessary. Today we joined the Junior Volunteers on a special visit to Scunthorpe Steelworks. We had our own steam engine – Cranford – hauling 2 brake vans all around the site. They have around 90 miles (!) of internal railway and we managed around half of it. Thanks to Peter Barsby, of South Yorkshire Area Group, for organising this for us all. Weighbridge Teas were kept busy all weekend and were even in to support us on Friday as well.

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