8 – 9th June 2019

 It’s a double issue this week, following our annual Womble fact finding tour (the cruel say holiday). We have been called out twice this weekend to deal with cows on the line. In both cases they were accessing the lineside via the river, so we ended up erecting pig wire fencing across two points to try and prevent this re-occurring.

We are continuing with the replacement of poor sections of fencing, this time closer to the Station. Fortunately, so far, no rocks or tree stumps have been found where we are trying to install fence posts, but there is more to do next weekend. The other new fence has been having all the second nails installed in each rail, with a few more still to do. We have also collected another 30 fence posts from the timber yard.

Meanwhile, back at the Station, the repainting of the 16T mineral wagon continues, with the wheelsets now in black gloss with white rims. The new steel section, which was welded into the side, has been sanded down and the paint process has commenced on this as well. The shock van steelwork framing on both sides has been wire wheeled down and given a coat of primer. The woodwork on the west side has had the paint burnt off the poor panels and been given a coat of wood primer.

The gardeners have been in residence, weeding, watering, and adding new seasonal plants to give us that extra burst of colour. General cleaning and tidying has also been on going.

As to our ‘fact finding tour’, this time it was down south near Portsmouth. Several standard and narrow gauge railways were visited. At all, the comment was “Oh, you’re from the NYMR, come on in, have you been on telly yet?”. To which the answer was “Yes, not yet, but we hope to be. Look out for some gents working at night on a retaining wall, that’s us”. It’s always good to visit elsewhere and compare what we do, how we do it, etc., to others. This usually reassures us that we are doing well, but there is always something new to learn.

Whilst some of us were away, Weighbridge Teas have been open each weekend and a steady clientele has continued to keep them on their toes. They even had time to apply another coat of paint to the tea hut exterior!

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