22nd, 27th, 28th July 2019

Last Monday we were joined by the Junior Volunteers, who came to help us around the Station.  First up was the digging out of the old ziggurat site and then levelling it off with loco ash.  This has allowed a picnic bench to be sited there.  Hopefully we will be able to tarmac this area next year, along with another section of the Yard.  The remainder of the ash delivery was added to a second load for spreading around the new lineside shed.  This has levelled the area and made an easier access into the shed.

A separate group of JVs were painting the underframe of the Wagons Group’s box van in black gloss.  The more senior JVs also strimmed the road approaches for us.

The shock open wagon and the LMS 3 plank wagon have 2 wagon sheets on them (the top one has seen better days and leaks).  The under sheets were not individually tied down, so were prone to ponding.  These sheets have now had eyelets fitted and are tied down securely.

The annual cleaning of the Station lamps has started.  One down, several more to go!

The gutter board has been made and fitted on the rear of the new shed.  Internally, the ceiling and sides have been clad in ply.  A start has been made on installing the conduit around the walls and a fuseboard has been screwed into place.

The gardeners have been in residence, picking rhubarb, weeding and tying back the roses.  The rhubarb has been converted into rhubarb fool (for dinner), rhubarb cordial (for when it is hot), rhubarb chutney (for lunch), rhubarb jam (for breakfast), and rhubarb gin (for after dinner)!  Oh, and a bit has gone into the freezer for a crumble later.

Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, even considering the showers that were inflicted upon us on Saturday.

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