11th August 2019

Considering the poor weather forecast we did remarkably well, with only ‘Biblical’ showers on Saturday afternoon and nothing today!

The East side of our brown Palvan has come to the top of the list for a repaint.  A start has been made scraping off the cracked paint.  Some of the ply underneath also came off, but it should be OK with a touch of wood hardener.

Our new shed has been the main project this weekend.  Most of the ‘skirting boards’ have been fitted to the outside.  This has allowed us to complete the palings, trimming them to meet the skirtings.  The large gate has been installed at the end of the shed, closing off the lineside from the ‘safe’ area.  The gate post to shed gap has been closed off with fencing, which also helps brace this main swing post.  Inside the shed, shelving has been installed to support the power tools.  This has allowed them to be neatly stored, as their old home was ‘cosy’ to say the least!  A new (to us) PPE cupboard has been installed to hold the helmets and strimmer straps.  Further shelves hold the tool spares.

The major weeding exercise is just about done around the Camping Coach and storage sheds at the bottom of our Yard.

Our small narrow scaffold units deck was past its best, so it has been replaced with new ply.  This was given a good coat of wood preservative before having the edges sealed with paint to keep the water out of it.

Inside the Volunteer Accommodation we have taken delivery of a new dishwasher.  Our old one gave up over 60’s weekend, after many years’ service (and it was second hand when we received it!).

Weighbridge Teas had a quieter weekend, no doubt due to the poor forecast and weather on Saturday, keeping visitors away.

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