24th-26th August 2019

Well, what a glorious weekend of hot, hot sun!

The grass has grown like billyo and took 2 cuts just to get it down to something manageable.  All the grass had to be raked up – there was so much of it!  It looked like a cut field, not a smart paddock ready for a band concert.  At times like this you realise how large our paddock and  the grassed area next to the level crossing are.

Talking of band concerts, Hunmanby Village Brass came and played for us this afternoon in the paddock.  We put up a single pole and marquee roof to provide some sun shade, for both the band and the visitors.  A reasonable number of the latter came, but we think the hot weather kept some away. 

Weighbridge Teas were open all 3 days and were supplemented by the Tea Hut today.  Not surprisingly ice creams did very well this weekend, so much so that a further order had to be delivered this morning to cope with demand.

Elsewhere work on the shed fit out continues, as do the finishing touches to the exterior.  On the Palvan, the rusty metal has been wire-wheeled and chipped back to good metal before receiving a coat of primer.  Following this the whole van has received another coat of undercoat and the metalwork a further coat of undercoat.  Mastic has been applied where gaps between the woodwork and metalwork are appearing to ensure the body remains watertight.  This side will need renewal, as may the other side the next time it requires a repaint.

Inside the cottage, the kitchen has received another 2 coats of emulsion on the walls whilst upstairs, the toilet cistern has been refixed to the wall.

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