3rd, 4th August 2019

Well, it’s the end of an era; NER coach 945 left Levisham (and the railway) last week.  This ends 48 years of NER coaches being stored at Levisham.  The coach has gone off to secure undercover storage, whilst it waits its turn for the completion of its overhaul.

The departure of the coach has allowed us to clear out the track where it sat, removing years of leaves and rubbish.  A timber cable duct cover there was also past its best, so has been renewed.  The siding now looks very smart with just the restored wagons in it.  Talking of wagons, the LNER High Goods has had the East side and North end cleaned down, primed where necessary, and then given a coat of undercoat.  The Wagon Group has been down, fitting the brake gear to their hopper wagon and chalk boards to their box van.

In the new shed, work has continued on the first fix of the conduit and associated electrics.  Two interior lights – one above a work bench – will provide plenty of illumination in there, whilst 3 pin and blue sockets will allow power tools to be used if required.

The ‘new’ gate to close off the lineside next to the new shed has had all the old paint burnt off it and a coat of wood preservative applied – just before a rain shower this afternoon!  The metalwork has also been cleaned down and given a coat of black paint.

The gardeners have been out and about, setting mole traps, tying back the roses and cutting off the dead heads.

Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend albeit fairly quiet today, which is strange as it’s been a cracking day.  Perhaps everyone went to the beach?

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