14th, 15th September 2019

It’s been a weekend of mixed weather, after a glorious Saturday it spoilt itself on Sunday afternoon.

This weekend we were joined by the Family and Junior Volunteers again for the September meet.  Resources were spread between Goathland, Newtondale Halt and Levisham.  Here, they helped us repair and upgrade the lineside fence south of the Station on the west side.  This has been gradually deteriorating, so much so that cattle got onto the line on Friday, the day before it was due to be repaired!  Around 20 rotten posts and several rails were replaced by the gang along a 100 yard length, restoring this section back to standard.  There is another 300 yards to deal with, a lot of which is much, much worse.  Behind the cottage, the stream has been silting up over the last couple of years.  This was dug out, the weeds and silt were removed, and it was returned to its correct level.

Around the level crossing, the road edges have been trimmed back and the adjacent ditch cleared out of growth and weeds.

A select group of Wombles visited the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway over the weekend, where they were shown the restoration work completed on NER Clerestory Coach No.3453, which had spent over 30 years stored at Levisham.  It looked much better and didn’t have a quarter inch thick carpet of flies on the floor!

Weighbridge Teas were kept busy keeping all these willing hands fed and watered in addition to their usual visitors, with ice creams still in demand during the damp Sunday afternoon.

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