1st September 2019

It’s been a mixture of sunshine and showers this weekend. The grass has been given a good trim and is now looking smart again. The gardeners have been out and about trimming back the roses (always a prickly job) and keeping the rest of the gardens under control. The runner beans and courgettes have given a good crop this weekend which have been sold on the cart and eaten in the volunteer accommodation.
The east side of the Palvan has had another undercoat, and the first top coat, applied to the side. Both doors have been sanded and wire wheeled down where required. A coat of appropriate primer has been applied to the metal and wood surfaces respectively. The LNER High Goods wagon has had the east side and north end top coated. The chalk boards have received a coat of blackboard black.
The Wartime Posters have come out of store for a check and update. The British Restaurant Cash and Carry signs have been given a coat of varnish.
On the new shed the roof edge trims have been made and fitted. This included two complicated corner pieces and the metal required bending to match the shed profile.
Weighbridge Teas had another steady weekend; they are preparing their lists for the Steam Gala (the beer has been ordered as well!) and Wartime Events coming up shortly.

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