21st, 22nd September 2019

We were honoured by the presence of Royalty at Levisham on Friday, no lesser than a monarch – King Edward II!  He looked remarkably well, considering his age.  We look forward to him gracing our Station next weekend as well.

The bar accoutrements have been moved into the General Room; the bar itself was given a good sand down and repaint/revarnish for the event.  The Womble Inn will open at 11am on Friday morning, all being well, with a selection of Real Ales, Cider, and Red and White wine available to consume.  It’s also possible to take some away with you in our handy 1 and 2 pint containers.

Weighbridge Teas and the Tea Hut will be open from Thursday to Sunday inclusive, to support the LNER day and 3 day Steam Gala.  They have been busy getting their outlets and wares ready for all our visitors.

Elsewhere, the fence alongside the road opposite the cottage has been adjusted to return it to vertical.  Three of the posts were rotten at the base so have been changed for new ones.  The fence has been given a coat of wood preservative to help it last a bit longer.

The east side of the Palvan has received its second top coat, sealing the van from the weather.  The Booking Office veranda has had the hand rail painted in black gloss, whilst the base area had had its paint ‘topped up’.  The cream woodwork probably now needs a repaint to brighten it up.

The signage for the British Restaurant has been brought out of store and the framing given a repaint to match the colours on the sign.  Further frames for the posters have been manufactured and will be made, painted and assembled as a homework project by one of the Wombles.

Tidying up of the gardens continues, with weeding making a pleasant change from tackling the roses.  A LOT of plums, green tomatoes, elderberries, and damsons have been converted into chutney, cordial and jam.  We nearly ran out of jam jars and did run out of sugar, even after borrowing some from the neighbours!

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