27th-29th September 2019

Well what a Gala, lots of engines and lots and lots of people!

With an intensive timetable, double headers, top and tailing, passenger and freight turns there was plenty for everyone.  There was also a beer festival at Levisham and Goathland on top of the usual catering facilities.

At Levisham the Womble Inn was again open for business in the General Room offering a selection of 6 real ales, wine and cider.  Both the Tea Hut and Weighbridge Teas were open, and they had a bumper long weekend, with extra supplies required on both Saturday and Sunday!  With showers on the Friday and lots of rain forecast for the Sunday, we put up our small tent next to the Weighbridge to provide additional shelter from the weather, which was gratefully received by many visitors.

Work continued elsewhere around the Station.  The first of the new planter boxes for the rear wall of the up platform outside the Booking Office has been completed, sanded and painted.  The second is now well on the way.  Further down the line we have continued work on the lineside fence damaged by the cows.  More posts and rails have been replaced, the former with old good recycled ones, the latter with new rails – we have run out of good recycled ones.  All the picnic benches have been removed from the paddock in readiness for the Marquee being installed for Wartime Weekend later this week.  The Station Yard will also be closed on Friday for the erection of the British Restaurant marquee.

We have been assisting the railways Wagon Group shunting the yard and have taken delivery of another box van, a GW Mink, a cattle wagon and a brake van!  They have all come for minor repairs and repaints, something we, the JVs and the Wagon Group will be co-operating on.  We have installed scaffolding around the Mink and then sheeted the whole thing over to keep it dry.  A full sand down and the replacement of the odd plank is required before a repaint into GW livery can commence.

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