7th, 8th September 2019

It’s been another lovely day today, after quite a few showers yesterday.  The grass has all been cut, again, whilst work on cutting and tying back the roses continues.  The roadside grass has been trimmed back into line again.  More courgettes and runner beans have ripened and gone on the cart for sale.  Several kilos of runner beans have also been made into piccalilli.

The roof on the new shed has been finished and the bar metal painted black.  The whole site has then been given a good tidy up and it looks very smart.

The east side of the brown palvan has had 2 undercoats and its first top coat applied to the doors.  There is more to do next week….  The shock van has had its fat white stripes added to each side.  Internally, the van has been given a good clean out and miscellaneous stores put into their correct place.  A couple of rotten floor planks have been removed and new treated timber installed in their place.

The lower half of the Booking Office awning frame has been given a good sand down and repaint over the last fortnight.  There is just the black top bar left to paint, once we get some black paint (no-one told the storeman we had run out!).

An ‘armchair’ member of the railway has very kindly framed a picture for display in the cottage (depicting the Station on a lovely sunny day), together with a new framed information sign for inside the Lamp Room.  He had also spotted the information sign outside the Weighbridge, advertising the Steam Gala, and has made a lovely new framed sign for this as well!  Thank you very much.

Weighbridge Teas had another excellent weekend and are, yet again, having to order extra supplies in ready for next weekend!

It’s only three weeks now until the Steam Gala, when from Friday to Sunday there will be a Real Ale Bar – the Womble Inn – in the General Room and both the Tea Hut and Weighbridge Teas will be open for business.  Weighbridge Teas will also be open on the Thursday for the LNER Gala day as well.  Freight trains will be running between Levisham and Pickering between the normal passenger service.

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