19th, 20th October 2019

Monday this week was spent dismantling the contents of the yard marquee.  All the picnic benches, the kitchen equipment, and the bar equipment had to be moved out of the hired marquee as it was due for removal on the Tuesday.  The dishwashing equipment and sinks also had to go away, to allow the kitchen tent to be dismantled.  All went well though, helped by some labour from the S&T to hump the equipment around.

It’s been a damp weekend, again!  The kitchen tent sheeting, which went away wet last weekend, was hung on the fence to dry out.  Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas.  We will now have to try again next weekend.  The Junior Volunteers came to help us again on Saturday, putting equipment back into its rightful place.  This included the kitchen tent poles, all the picnic benches, the temporary flooring, the bar, and all the beer tables.  They even found time to unload a delivery of loco ash and spread it around the new shed, level the ballast in the siding where the tamper had disturbed it, and lop some scrub!  We have finally got rid of all our scrap as well; as a return load back to Grosmont for the pick-up truck, we loaded all the scrap on board and then unloaded it into the MPD scrap skip as dusk fell.

The General Room floor has been given a good sanding to remove scratches and stains.  Hopefully over the next few weeks we will get several coats of varnish on the floor to reseal and protect it.

The repainting of the Mink has commenced, with primer applied to the bare patches on the West side.  A first coat of grey undercoat then followed to the woodwork.  We will be steadily working our way around the van as time and labour permit.

We have been helping out the S&T this weekend.  Several of our team went down to Pickering to cut down scrub, dig a trench, and install concrete troughing.  As some of our team are digger certified they were able to use a hired mini digger to do the digging and levelling, plus lifting some of the troughing units around.

After a busy weekend over Wartime, this weekend was decidedly quieter for Weighbridge Teas.  It did give them time to tidy up the Tea Hut and get it ready for the winter though.

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