23rd, 24th November 2019

It’s been wet on Fen Bog this weekend, but the work still goes on.

It was all track laying over the 2 days; lifting sleepers and then rails into place.  When we came to ‘close up’ the final section, the gap was too big to take the fishplates.  Therefore we had to unclip the next section, and associated fishplates, before we could slide up the rail to space the gaps correctly.  Once that was done we then had to tackle the next 2 lengths, repeating the process to get the correct gap along the track.  220 of the old sleepers were also stacked into packs of 20 ready for collection later.

Back at the Station three of our 12’ platform bench seats are cracking and need repair, so the timber has been taken off the legs and brought inside for a dry out.  It will then have the rot dug out, new wood spliced in, and then be painted.  North of the level crossing on the east side, the lineside ditch has been cleared of dead reeds and growth.  This has allowed the water to flow much better and helped dropped the incoming levels further up.  Tidying up of the gardens continues, they should look lovely with the new growth next spring!

The Station trackside has been prepared – by contractors – with lights, ready for the commencement of the Northern Lights Express trains.  Check out the railway’s website to get your tickets; there are still a few seats left on some of the trains.

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