2nd, 3rd November 2019

Saturday dawned dry, allowing us to hang out our marquee sheets which are still wet from Wartime Weekend.  Most of these are now dry and put away, but some still need another dry day, sometime, to dry out thoroughly.

The General Room floor has been given 5 coats of satin varnish, to smarten it up and get it ready for the winter.

With poor weather arriving Saturday afternoon, it was time to retreat under the marquee sheets covering the Mink van.  All the steelwork on the West and South sides has been wire wheeled clean and given a coat of metal primer.  The Wagon Group have been down and stripped all the brake gear off the van for it to be road transferred to Pickering for a thorough clean down and repaint.

The gardeners have been trying out a new tool – a large drill for planting bulbs!  This has allowed quite a few daffodil and tulip bulbs to be quickly put in, without damaging the rest of the plants nearby.  Elsewhere on the platforms, the beds continue to be tidied of dead growth ready for the winter.  Not at the Station, but on the roadside approaching it, the ditch has been cleared out to keep the water in it and not all over the road.  This is especially important as winter approaches – we don’t want a slippery hill! 

Back at the Station, the second wooden planter box has been receiving several coats of fence paint in readiness for its installation in the spring.  North of the level crossing, the stored second hand timber fencing has been re-sorted and poor pieces put aside for burning.  We hope to have a good fire next weekend, weather permitting!

Weighbridge Teas were busier this weekend, even though the weather was still not brilliant.  Don’t forget that they will be opening especially next week, on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th November, as we have a group of Velocipedes based at the Station.

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