27th-29th December 2019

We hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas (but not too merry!) and are looking forwards to a good New Year.  After a couple of days off for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, work has recommenced with a vengeance.

Northwards from the 15ΒΌ mile post to Kidstye Farm crossing, our clear felling work continues.  Lots of scrub and rotten and leaning trees have been removed from the West side, re-opening views of the river.  A lot of scrub growing in the river has also been removed, helping the river to flow more easily.

Back at the Station, the hot water tap in the Gents was running slightly due to a damaged washer.  The tap has been taken apart and a new washer fitted.  The wire wheel cleaning down of the north end of the Mink Wagon steelwork has continued.  Inside the van the Wagon Group have sanded down the ceiling prior to repainting it.  The cleaning of the east side lineside ditch north of the crossing continues, allowing the water to flow better and drain the adjacent land.

We have also had a day helping the S&T at Pickering as they were short of staff.  They are having to provide new location cases and trough runs along the east side of the line to allow the west side to become the new Carriage Shed.  We assisted installing a king post and plank retaining wall before laying out the bases for a pair of location cases.  Further along the site we stacked and sorted troughing and turning chambers ready for use nearer to Pickering.

Weighbridge Teas opened for the last 3 days but trade was sparse.  They have now closed until the start of the new season, in April, and are taking a few well-earned holidays.  This has allowed us to strip out the fridges and freezers and put them into a van out of the way.  The tired lino and laminate flooring beneath has been lifted to allow a new quarry tiled floor to be laid tomorrow.

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