7th, 8th December 2019

I think we would rather have had the frosts of last weekend, instead of the showers today!

On Saturday we went back to the lineside around bridge 15, which we had cleared 5 year ago, to deal with the regrown scrub.  We also cut off the new growth on the old tree stumps and plugged them to prevent regrowth (we didn’t have the plugs 5 years ago).  On Sunday it was up to the 14¾ mile post, where we continued the lineside clearance from where we finished last spring.  This work has re-opened views of the river, which runs alongside the line.

Back at the Station, the clearance of the lineside ditches has continued.  The Christmas tree in front of the cottage has been decorated with baubles, as has ‘Albert’ – the conifer growing opposite the signal box.  Albert now also sports battery-operated lights.  The three tired platform bench planks have had the loose paint scraped or burnt off them.  They are now back in the General Room, which is currently closed, to continue drying out of the timber.  Unfortunately one end of one plank had rotted, so 2’ had to be cut off it.  This plank might eventually be trimmed to make a shorter bench rather than try and splice in a new 2’ length.

We mustn’t forget the Weighbridge Teas staff, who are working each weekend at Pickering, serving teas and coffees to the Santa passengers, as a change from Levisham.

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