11th, 12th January 2020

We were joined on Saturday by our timber contractors, who collected a lot of timber and took it away.  Quite a bit of this was laid across the river and their hi-ab was great at lifting it all clear.  With the long timbers removed, we could clear the area of the spindly branches which were left.  The strong wind prevented us lighting fires, but we got plenty more cut down.

The rain this morning again prevented getting any fires started, so we concentrated on cutting down more trees which were leaning towards the track.  These were also right on the edge of the river and against the railway’s retaining wall, so removing these will help prevent any more damage occurring along here.

The Weighbridge has been given a good clean out, following the laying of the new floor.  This allowed the Team to reinstall the freezers and give the whole building a good winter clean.

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