1st-5th January 2020

Well we hope you all had a happy new year and didn’t overdo things.  On the 1st we had our annual day off so we took the opportunity to go to Kettleness Station and walk along the old railway to Runswick Bay, and returned via the beach.  There was also time to have a round trip from Grosmont to Pickering on the DMU.

Work has continued since then, clearing scrub, cutting down trees which are growing/leaning over railway land, and burning the arisings near the 15¼ mile post.  The area views are opening up where we have disposed of all the scrub.  We are working within a possession, ‘owned’ by the Pway, and had been informed that there were no train movements planned through to the end of the weekend, so we were surprised to hear diesel horns on Friday.  These were not coming towards us but were coming from Goathland Station where they were shunting the rail cranes and wagons!  We have now cleared most of the scrub from the west side to the top of the 1 in 49 (or 15 1/8 mile post), following 5 good fires.

Back at the Station, the platform seat planks have been sanded and given a coat of primer.  The ‘Whistle’ board near the 15¼MP has been brought back to the Station, as the paint is peeling.  It will be dried out in the General Room before getting a repaint in the spring.  The Christmas trees and lights have been taken down and put back into store for another year.  The Station looks really dark now.  North of the level crossing more clearing of the east side ditch is continuing, ensuring that the water drains quickly away.

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