14th-16th February 2020

After the fun of Ciara last weekend, we have had to cope with Dennis this weekend.  Our Work Week commenced a day early on Friday, as the digger was delivered that morning.  Work commenced near Newtondale Signal Box clearing the old formation of grass and scrub roots.  The old siding formation, which had been covered with old ballast, has been cleared off as well.  A new turning point has been created to allow vehicles, such as Fire Engines, to turn round.

The large timbers have been recovered from along the lineside by our timber contractor.  This will allow us to clear and burn the scrub much more easily.  Scrub burning has now recommenced with four fires today; two north of the old signal box and two south of it.

The collapsed culvert near the 14 mile post has had the displaced stonework carefully removed.  The side walls have been rebuilt and the two top stones refitted; a simple sentence but not so easy to do.  The retaining wall nearby has also been raised to the correct level, using stone we recovered from the Beck 18 months ago.  Unfortunately, there is a 12’ section of collapsed wall between the culvert and the good retaining wall.  We will have to see how easy it may, or may not, be to rebuild it.

Back at the Station, two mileposts have been wire wheeled clean and given a couple of coats of primer.  The replacement Weighbridge kitchen unit kick boards have received further coats of undercoat and one gloss coat of paint.  90 primulas were unexpectedly delivered last weekend, and these have been planted around the Station now the storms have passed.

Works will continue all week and include brash burning, log collection, seat and milepost painting, fencing, guards van repainting, ditch digging, and lineside roadway improvement works.

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