17th-21st February 2020

Time for a Work Week update. First up we forgot to mention that more ditch clearance has been undertaken north of the bracket signal at the Station last weekend.  Up the line, we have been busy burning a lot of scrub, and collecting a lot of logs, between the 14¾ and 15½ mile posts.  A blocked ditch has been dug out, using a digger we have hired for the week, and we have laid a perforated pipe along it as the land is likely to collapse into the ditch again.  We have also cleared more of the access roadway along the track, to allow maintenance vehicles and fire engines easy access.  We created a couple of turning points too, removing the need to reverse.  We have been supported by colleagues from Network Rail and the Junior Volunteers.

Meanwhile back at the Station, a lot of painting has been undertaken.  Multiple coats of paint have been applied to Whistle and Gradient boards, a pair of mileposts, platform seat bases, the signal box desk, and the side of the GW Mink wagon!  All the signal box windows have also benefitted from a good clean.

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