1st, 2nd February 2020

Well we are into the second month of the year and after a dry Saturday, today was decidedly wet until lunch time.

At the Station, undercoat has been applied to all the items under restoration in the General Room.  A further section of the lineside ditch has been cleared of dead grass and other detritus, and is flowing much better.  After 5 months parked up, the dumper truck has been moved onto site ready for use during our work week.  It took a bit of effort to get it started, but once running it was fine.

Back up the line, the glade area has had all the scrub cut down and disposed of on fires.  Several rotten small trees were also removed; indeed one was so rotten all that was left of it was the bark around the edge, the centre being missing!  This area now looks very good.

A section of old pig wire has been recovered from alongside the river and rolled up ready for re-use elsewhere.  This has allowed more scrub to be cut and burnt this afternoon, on a huge fire, as dusk was setting in.

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