8th, 9th February 2020

Well, we have survived storm Ciara which – according to the press – was going to be the end of the world!

On Saturday we were joined by the Railway’s new Lineside Conservation Officer, Kerry, who came to meet us and see what we were doing.  She was surprised by how much we undertake, and how far along the line we cover.  She was impressed with our work both on the lineside clearance and the retaining wall repairs.  Beyond the 15 mile post we have cleared more scrub and dangerously leaning trees.  We didn’t have a fire as the wind was too strong.  Back at the Station, lineside ditch clearing has continued – much needed with Sunday’s rain!

The wet weather on Sunday morning meant we have had a day at the Station.  This was used profitably; getting gear, materials and work ready for the big 4Ws (Womble Winter Work Week) which starts next Saturday.  Stone and concrete blocks, needed for the culvert repair, have been brought to the level crossing ready for transporting to site.

In the Weighbridge the kitchen kick boards have been trial fitted and adjusted as required.  Several damaged ones have been cut down to make shorter lengths, whilst 3 new ones have been made and given a first coat of paint.  The rotten platform seat plank that was drying out in the General Room has been cut down, to become a 7’ spare bench seat, and the bare wood given a coat of primer.  Several small pieces of steelwork, needed by the S&T, have been wire wheeled clean for them.  ‘Our’ brake van has been delivered to the Station and placed alongside the platform.  This will allow us to give it a sand down and repaint over the next couple of months.

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