29th February, 1st March 2020

Well, we’ve had another cracking weekend; not a lot of rain or hail to disrupt us and a good breeze to help with the burning.

Talking of burning, a large fire near the No Sheep Hut got rid of the remaining scrub there.  The ground around the hut has been dug away, revealing the base of the hut walls; these are not in good condition. The hut is made up of panels so we have dismantled it; we can now see about repairing the framing and cladding before we reinstate it, complete with a watertight roof!

On the ‘blackthorn slope’ the last of the blackthorn has been cut and then burnt in a large fire today.  This has cleared this side of the line, improving the view ready for our passengers next month.  North of the 15¼ mile post more logs and scrub have been cleared from the river, now that the water level has dropped back to nearly normal.

Back at the Station, the two mileposts have had their tops and bases picked out in black paint.  The painting of the Whistle board has been completed, and the gradient board has had its numbers refixed and given a couple of coats of paint.  The Waiting Shelter bench has also been sanded down and given a coat of undercoat.

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