7th, 8th March 2020

Boy, have we burnt a lot more scrub this weekend!  5 large fires over 2 days have really cleared a lot of cut scrub and opened up the views.  On Saturday we cleared the last of the scrub on the 1 in 49 east side, which had been cut down a couple of months ago.  A lot of logs were cut and recovered, whilst the scrub was burnt on site.  On Sunday it was the turn of the west side, near Kidstye crossing.  This area is always wet and boggy – so mud was the order of the day!  Once the fires were going, they quickly ate up the scrub.  The dumper has been used to haul a harrow backwards and forwards, along the lineside access road, to level out the lumps and bumps.

Back at the Station a start has been made on repainting the brake van, with primer applied to the bare parts and a start made on applying the first undercoat.  Inside the winter paint shop several pieces of S&T kit have been given a couple of coats of primer, following their cleaning down.  The two mileposts are now finished, following a touch up of the black.

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