31st August 2020

Well, it’s been a mixed week weather wise, with unfortunately typical Bank Holiday weather for most of the week but at least Sunday and Monday were fine and dry.

Work has still been successfully undertaken though.  South of the Station the new lineside fence continues to expand southwards, with another 13 posts installed and rails fitted.  This takes us over the first 50 and we are half way there!  The old section beyond has been dismantled and the scrap wood brought back to the Station for disposal.

In the yard, the standard box van has had the east side sanded and then ¾ of the side fully repainted.  The remaining quarter planks have some rot in them, which needs to be dried out before they can be repaired.  The cattle wagon alongside has also had the east side cleaned down, primed, and undercoated, along with the door on the west side.  Tarpaulins cover the part repainted sections to keep the worst of the weather off them until we can get the gloss on.

In the General Room, the wicket gate has finally dried out and the new pieces of wood required to rebuild the end post have been cut, glued and screwed into place.  After the glue and filler dried, it was sanded and primed, then we applied a couple of coats of undercoat all over started to smarten up the gate.  In the same room, the new woodwork for the “Gentlemen” sign has been mated with the enamel sign, screwed and filled.  Undercoat and top coat have since been applied.

The paint shop van has been partially tidied up and a cupboard fitted onto the wall to hold all the glues.  Gardening and tidying up around the weigh table continues.

Further north, near the 14 mile post, the rebuilt retaining wall has had more spoil backfilled behind it and some scrub has been lopped down.  The river has risen quite a bit because of the rain but the wall is nice and firm.

Weighbridge Teas have had a good weekend, with a steady flow of socially distanced visitors coming to buy drinks, cakes, and ice cream.

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